Ganga Bois Flag Pendanti

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Ganga Bois – The great wood

Our pendants have been hand carved skillfully from deep, dark African Blackwood and beaded by hand, by the famous Maasai Tribe in Tanzania.

African Blackwood, which comes from the Mpingo tree, was previously considered an ebony wood. Notoriously difficult wood to work with by hand, it has a rich, vibrant, glow once finished and lacquered.

Beadwork is mostly done by women who sit aside each other, arranging beads of countless colors and combinations.

Please Note: Variations in the wood are a natural characteristic.

Include your personal touch by coupling this piece with a woven leather or a knotted necklace, dare to go wild with bold colors.


African Blackwood

Dimensions (cm)

Length 12.6 cm

Beads (Color)

Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple


Handmade In Tanzania

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